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Thatch Moss Removal

Here at JP Mugan, we offer thatch moss removal services all over the country. Although we’re based in Johannesburg, we’re willing to travel all across SA to help you remove moss from your thatched roof. What’s more, we service any type of property with a thatched roof; no matter whether you own a small building, large building, or whether you require our historic building restoration services.

Why Do You Need To Remove Moss

Removing moss from your thatched roof goes beyond aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in preserving the overall health of your roof. Allowing moss to persist not only attracts birds and wildlife that can cause damage but also impedes the drying process of your thatched roof. This extended drying time significantly reduces the lifespan of your roof. Regular moss removal is essential not only for maintaining a pleasing appearance but also for ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of your thatched roof.

Why Choose Us To Remove Your Moss?

It might seem like a good idea to clean moss off your thatched roof by yourself, but it’s better to avoid it. Doing it on your own can accidentally harm your roof. It’s best to bring in expert thatchers, even for small jobs, to make sure your thatched roof stays safe and in good shape. They know what to do to clean the moss without causing any damage.

What Causes Moss To Grow On Thatch Roofs

Moss and lichen often grow on roofs in damp places, and if it’s consistently wet, moss growth is likely. Dealing with moss is crucial for keeping your thatched roof in good shape because if you leave it for too long, it can spread and affect how well your roof works.

Some people try to remove moss themselves by scraping it off, but that can harm the thatch underneath and damage the roof even more. That’s why we recommend our thatch moss removal services to fix your roof because if you do it wrong, it can make your roof not last as long.

At JP Mugan, we’ll check your roof thoroughly to find where the moss is growing fastest. We can even help you stop it from spreading in the future. As master thatchers, we know where to clean and why the moss is growing in the first place.

why choose to work with JP Mugan

Our Master Thatchers are ready, willing, and able to advise and provide quotations on how to renovate and repair your thatched roof/

With years worth of experience, we’ve been brought in to work on properties across SA, making us one of the most trusted Master Thatchers around.

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time for one of our master thatchers to come over and assess your thatched roof and give you a quote!

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